Surgery Tomorrow February 2018

So her thyroid levels finally came down to normal today and they scheduled surgery today for tomorrow.  Please say lots of prayers for K.  She has been more stressed out about this surgery then any in her lifetime.  Apparently the very first lady from surgery that came and told her about all the complications told her she could lose her […]

Back in the hopital… February 2018

I think every time I write it is overdue!  K is back in the hospital – shocker… NOT.  Seems to be that kind of year.  We got her home and the next day took her to Cook’s ER.  Ironically our friend’s friend was the orthopedist on call!  He had already looked at the original x-ray the week before for us.  […]

2018 – crash update

Kimbell is doing better and up in the mountains at my parents house.  We will bring her home this weekend.  Her bone was right below the angle requiring surgery BUT what didn’t hit me until things finally calmed down and of course after she was discharged is that they never took another x-ray after she arrived in Asheville.  The local […]

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