Surgery Tomorrow February 2018

So her thyroid levels finally came down to normal today and they scheduled surgery today for tomorrow.  Please say lots of prayers for K.  She has been more stressed out about this surgery then any in her lifetime.  Apparently the very first lady from surgery that came and told her about all the complications told her she could lose her voice, then the PA from surgery tonight said to expect to lose her voice for a couple of days.  Needless to say she is stressed and just a tad freaked out.  Tonight she’s already started stressing about going back to the OR by herself, the last surgery she had at Cook’s they didn’t let me go back.  MN always lets me go with her, always.  Please pray for good results, for God to guide the surgeons hands and for all to go well.  Surgery is scheduled for 1 pm and will take 1.5 -3 hours.

Love to all,

P, J, K and Stitch

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