Day -2 … Let The Games Begin!

Kimbell is doing well again today, up and at ’em!!  She’s awake, looking great and wanting to be active.  That’s awesome news!!! On the flip side, the doctor just stopped by and let us know that Kimbell has a bacterial blood infection.  Yikes!!!!!!  These are the things that can make you septic quickly and get reallyyyyyyy nasty.  The positive side […]

Day -4 … Awesome Day!!!!

Well, there is really only one thing to say that would sum up how things went today.  “Awesome!” Kimbell was awake all day, feeling well, playing games, coloring, drawing, watching TV, etc.  Full of smiles and laughs all day long… such a blessing and reward for the last few not-so-fun days she went through. As the days move on Kimbell […]

Day -5

Well we are getting there, closer and closer.  Kimbell awoke this morning vomitting and then I heard the panic.  Poor kid, she was vomitting blood!  Serious bummer.  Ironically though it turned out to be a pretty good day.  We watched Harry Potter and played a little.  She even ate a little chicken and drank some.  After that she crashed and has […]

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