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Positive cultures, blood infection and more hospital time… Day 46 update!

Kimbell has a tough day today inpatient.  She has been in quite a bit of pain in her head and back as well as severe nausea/vomiting.  It’s been tough to keep anything down her and she won’t hardly eat or drink again.  Man, it seems like we took a 4 week rewind!!! This afternoon the doc came in and let […]

And we are stuck Day 45 :(

Yesterday things were looking great. Kimbell finally stopped throwing up just in time to celebrate her birthday with her aunt and cousin complete with a red velvet gourmet cake from our favorite bakery in Houston!  K and Z played for hours and for some reason I was just worried, may have had something to do with K’s attitude….  Z left […]

And back in we go :( Day +44

Well the day started out well. We went to clinic this morning for labs and IVIG which was pretty uneventful.   Kimbell’s kidneys seem to like all of the extra fluid 🙂 unfortunately all 3 cell lines were down. I can’t say I was too surprised because her throat was hurting, she had a cough, and didn’t feel well but […]

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