North Bellmore This has been a long month.  K’s kidneys, CSA levels and puking are still the theme.  Her kidneys aren’t responding to fluids anymore so we decided to trial her off of them.  She was doing so awesome with drinking until Sunday night when she wasn’t feeling well.  Yesterday she slept all day only waking up to puke so she didn’t […]

One of those week’s…

cheap flights lyrics This week has just been a rough week.  BMT is such a serious journey filled with so many tears, heartbreak, smiles, celebration and pure hell.  There were four families on our section (4 sections in MN) of the BMT floor and I fell in love with all of them.  I will never ever forget them nor will they ever leave […]

Kidneys, puking and more!

Mola di Bari I’ve decided the theme of post BMT is kidneys and puking.  All things considered it’s not too bad because it could be so much worse.  For the first time the fluids aren’t making a difference in her kidney numbers which is a serious bummer.  They have now taken her off of valtrax completely, it is toxic to the kidneys, which […]

11-3-14 Yesterday was filled with good news and not good news.  The great news is that for the first time in K’s life her ANC is 1200 and she hasn’t needed GCSF in 2.5 weeks.   That is pretty exciting.  To the point I had tears in my eyes.  Most likely she will get G on Thursday but hey that will […]


Happy Halloween a few days late 🙂  Things have been somewhat stable with Kimbell lately.  The great news is that her counts have been stable and appear to have recovered since her August infection, Finally!  Praise The Lord.  Unfortunately her kidney numbers have almost doubled so we are having to lower some of the nephrotoxic drugs which give her an additional […]

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