First week home

buy modafinil thailand My sincere apologies for another overdue post on Kimbell.  Being home is really nice, except for that fact we were already extremely busy and now we have a house to keep up with!  A house that we had been gone from since mid May…. Last Wednesday I commented on how much she was throwing up, well unfortunately it went from […]

Day 100 and more!

Ōdachō-ōda Wow so much has happened in the last week.  I keep writing updates in my head but never get to write them on the computer!  Last week went well.  Kimbell’s counts continued to drop so by Friday she was in desperate need of blood and GCSF.  We got great news on Friday about her bone marrow.  Kimbell’s BMB reports have […]

+98 – The good, the bad and the ugly

buy generic neurontin online The last week has been pretty eventful.  Friday Kimbell’s counts were ok.  We met with Dr. Tolar about our upcoming trip home and he answered a lot of our questions which was good.  The one thing I love about Dr. Tolar is he has always been honest with us and has never sugar-coated anything.  He congratulated Kimbell on a successful […]

Day +92 K spent a few days inpatient but is now out 🙂  Always nice to go “home” even if it is a temporary home.  Kimbell’s counts are still all over the map but they are still hoping this is temporary.  We are still on track to go home next Saturday!  It seems to good to be true!  Tomorrow we get to […]

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