Back in the hopital… February 2018

I think every time I write it is overdue!  K is back in the hospital – shocker… NOT.  Seems to be that kind of year. 

We got her home and the next day took her to Cook’s ER.  Ironically our friend’s friend was the orthopedist on call!  He had already looked at the original x-ray the week before for us.  Anyhow looks like the hospital missed some fractures but the long leg cast was still the right call.  K got the long leg cast off yesterday and is now sporting a new shorter cast.  She is having a lot of knee pain from having her knee immobilized for over a month.  Her skin hadn’t broken down too much so that is great.  We also learned at the ER that K had kidney trauma from the car running over her but thankfully it seems to have resolved.

On Tuesday morning we received a call from endocrinology saying K’s thyroid labs were through the roof and she was being admitted.  We spent the day in the ER waiting for a bed and then moved to the floor.  They have decided it is necessary to remove her thyroid 🙁  Please say prayers for her as she is really having a hard time dealing with yet another setback and is very concerned about the scar.  I went home to shower so I’m not sure if it was a surgical resident or who but they told her that the incision would be larger than her thyroid and that her thyroid is very large!  What a ding bat.  That same day her amazing pediatrician allowed me to do a drive by and make me feel better and Dr. Tolar even made time to discuss the surgery with us.  To make things better our friend and pulmonologist saw her name on the board and came to see us and make me feel better too!  We are so blessed.  Endo had picked out a surgeon and of course we had picked out our own.  I have been assured by some great people that their surgeon is great but K only felt comfortable with Dr. Marcincuk who has operated on her numerous times.  Thankfully the two surgeons are willing to work together!!  Again we are so blessed.  I’m not sure what we would have done if that had not been the case.

Surgery was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon but Kimbell’s T3 is still so high it isn’t measurable so they have postponed surgery for later in the week.  Date TBD.  Unfortunately K is on a bunch of medicine and will remain inpatient until a minimum of 24 hours after the surgery.  So it looks like we will be here for a while.  We are blessed to have such a great medical team but there is nothing like home and we are so ready to get home!!

I hope you are all well and we can’t thank you enough for all of the prayers.


P, J, K and Stitch

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