Goodbye 2017

2017 oh how happy I am to see you go.  You would think after 13 plus years we would be used to the unexpected.  We would have learned to not take any moment for granted as God doesn’t promise us another year much less another day.  John and I are on a plane right now at the crack of dawn after being on the phone all night with a hysterical Kimbell, ER docs and my poor parents.  Every time I think she is going to get a break something else happens. 

At the beginning of December I got a call saying they were admitting her and taking her thyroid out. I had a sneaking suspicion that she hadn’t been taking all her meds so we won a two week reprieve.  So what did we do with those two weeks we bought – we went to Disney World for my birthday and a Disney Cruise!  We were supposed to work on Algebra and catch up, well God had other plans.  We came home and had labs run and her T4 was down significantly and T3 a little.  Wohoo we bought some more time. We had a wonderful Christmas.  I can’t thank God enough for that b/c not long later she got a sinus infection.  On the 27th we went to endocrinology where the doctor told her in a nice but firm way if she doesn’t take her meds they will take her thyroid out and if she doesn’t take them it could kill her.    Always good to have a reality check.  So off to grandma and ePa’s she goes.  By Thursday she was at the ER with an infection. 

Sunday she talked ePa into going to see Star Wars.  Lets just say accidents happen and I’m still not sure what happened all I know is I got a call last night saying Kimbell was run over by a car.  They took her to the ER and confirmed her Tibia broke, lots of bruises and road rash but no one felt comfortable with how she was and her pain so they sent for a trauma ambulance.  I love the country would love to live in the country and then something like this happens and I say nope I’m a city girl through and through.  It took all night for the trauma ambulance to come, morphine and phentnyl on board and she’s still screaming in pain.  Kimbell when you read this I promise you we almost got in the car to drive through the night to be with you but you were too far away.  If we had made it without stopping we still wouldn’t be getting there until the same time we are now.  They are going to splint her leg and then we are to return to the bigger hospital an hour and a half away on Tuesday for them to cast it.  They are saying she doesn’t need surgery but the bone has to be set.  I hope they are right.  She was so excited at Christmas b/c she was running around the house playing with her light sabers and her heart rate was at 138.   She thought she could start playing and going to her fencing class.  We thought maybe just maybe life was calming down for her and she would get some normalcy in her life and she gets run over by a car!!  You have to be kidding me.  I told her endocrinologist the threat of dying probably doesn’t have the normal effect on her as she’s been dying her entire life but continues to defy all odds.  God I’m begging you please give her a break.  I know there are so many kids out there that are sicker then her and we are truly blessed to have her in our lives but please just for a little while can all the diseases, pills, complications, just disappear?  Apparently she will be in a cast for 4 month minimum…  I’m a little in shock.  I mean she got run over by a car!

Please pray for her, for her patience and understanding – our too.


Paige, John, Kimbell and Stitch

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