Day +26 Good evening…. a quick update for you on Kimbell.  She has been doing ok over the last few days, but has had some issues so we haven’t had much time to post.  Vomiting and nausea have largely dominated the hours when she’s awake and she’s had quite a few seziures lately.  3 yesterday alone.  Today was pretty good…she got to […]

Days 15-19

Our sincere apologies for not having written lately, it has been a bit busy to say the least.  The last few days have not been good for poor Kimbell.  Her counts have been great but it stops there.  Kimbell’s days for the most part consist of sleep, vomiting, nurses, doctors, more vomiting, excruciating dressing changes and bleeds.  All the days kind […]

Day +14

Kimbell’s counts are improving!  The ANC is now coming up which is huge deal and extremely exciting.  Kimbell has more neutrophils than what she was born with!! The bad news… her stomach is continuing to be a problem.  She is on anti nausea meds 24 hours a day and we increased her pain meds.  Additionally she is bleeding again – […]

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