Happy 5 Re-Birthday & 15th Birthday Kimbell!

It has been way to long since I have updated.  I just kept thinking something would change or good would happen.  I’m not even sure where I left off and I can’t check b/c I’m on the plane!  Kimbell has spent most of 2019 sick and in and out of the hospital.  She ended her freshman year in May and […]

January 2019, the good, the bad and the great!

Long update! I haven’t updated in a while because things have just been kind of blah and we didn’t really know anything. Kimbell has continued to go inpatient every 18 days for infusions that last three days. Needless to say it is a pain but it helps her to feel better and she gets two good weeks out of it. […]

BMT 4 yr anniversary, K turned 14 and a never ending puzzle

On July 2 we celebrated K’s 4th Re-Birthday in Alaska.  Every year is truly a blessing.  K seemed to have a rough time this year on our annual trip and tired quickly.  We came home to a slew of tests and it was confirmed that she has generalized myasthenia, inflammation in her intestines and something with her enzymes in short […]

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