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Random Pictures from Wish Trip

I was downloading our iPhone pictures this afternoon and thought I would post a bunch of pictures we took from the Wish Trip!  These are not the best since they are from the phone camera, but certainly capture the spirit of the situation.  Enjoy! 🙂 We’ve been having a blast!!!!!  Thank you for your prayers & support!!  

Update for Wednesday

Well, I delayed posting because I wanted to post good news.  Not that we have bad news, but UMN had asked for donor clearance on 5/27.  Today I got a call from day surgery saying your daughter needs to be here…  So we thought the donor cleared, no 🙁 They schedule everything in anticipation that the donor will clear.  After […]

Pics from seeing Donald / Daisy & the NEMO show cast

Thank you to everyone that is making Kimbell’s Wish Trip AWESOME! 🙂  She’s having a blast!!!  Here are a few pictures from the Donald / Daisy experience & from the NEMO show @ Animal Kingdom.  Our good friend was able to help us setup a backstage meet & greet with the cast of the NEMO show!!! SOOO COOL!  (Thank you […]

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