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Thank you

Saturday was amazing!  I haven’t seen K have that much fun, ever!  We cannot thank everyone that came out enough for joining us in our celebration.  It was wonderful to see everyone and somewhat catchup.  There is never enough time! We even had a surprise from Illinois!  So for those of you that saw me crying, they were tears of […]

K’s Turns 11, donor, and Party on Saturday 8/29

It’s amazing how things can change so quickly.  I’m not sure any of us ever thought we would be blessed with seeing Kimbell turn 11.  Every birthday has always been so special because every year was faced with the odds stacked against her.  This birthday was especially emotional.  Last year on her birthday she had three different bacteria  in her […]

Kimbell’s Birthday, Survivor, Thank You Party 8/29

Kimbell is having her 11th Birthday Party, one year Rebirthday/survivor and Thank You party for all of our friends and supporters.  Thanks to God and all of your support we are able to celebrate.  This  year has so much meaning to us and as K continues to remind me, this is the first year in the last 3 years that she […]

1 Year Post BMT Update – good news and not

Congratulations Kimbell!!!  We are so incredibly blessed to have had the support, prayers, guidance and love for the past 15 months it is unbelievable.  When her BMT doctor saw her he literally took two steps back and lit up like a Christmas tree 🙂  He told us that he had only shared some of his concerns and he never thought […]

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