2018 – crash update

Kimbell is doing better and up in the mountains at my parents house.  We will bring her home this weekend.  Her bone was right below the angle requiring surgery BUT what didn’t hit me until things finally calmed down and of course after she was discharged is that they never took another x-ray after she arrived in Asheville.  The local ER did not splint her leg b/c they were worried about compartment syndrome, the problem is that she traveled through the mountains for hours, moved surfaces multiple times and we don’t know if the bone moved.  So after talking to Cook’s ortho we will take her to the ER when we get home for an x-ray, if she needs surgery the on call doctor will be able to do it then versus going through clinic and having to wait.  She has a purple cast on her right leg up to her hip!  The ortho in Asheville said if it was his patient she would be in variations of a cast for 4 months, the last month she could put weight on it.  So our trips we had planned are out the window which kind of just adds insult to injury.  Unfortunately she is still in a lot of pain, lots of scrapes and bruises and a fractured finger.  Her back is really hurting her.  They did an x-ray and nothing was broken so I’m hoping it is just the road burn that is so painful.  I guess we will see…

Today John picked up her boots she was wearing and all I can say is Ugg rain boots are worth every penny they charge.  The boots were really messed up, she would be so much worse if she hadn’t had on those boots.  They really protected her.  You can see the tire tracks on the boot where she broke her leg!  Needless to say she needs new boots!

Thank you for all the love and prayers!


P, J, and K

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