Thyroid Storm again… Well poor K, things just aren’t going well for her.  Her pulse was in the 160’s the Friday before last so we went to the ER and she was admitted.  They added more drugs which helped her heart and found out she was in a thyroid storm from free T3.  Apparently T3 is way more toxic then T4 so while […]

Thyroid Storm You wouldn’t think it’s a big deal but apparently it’s a huge deal.  Enough for poor K to be in and out of the hospital, on 4 heart pills a day, high dose steroids, and a drug that can suppress her bone marrow!  As of last week she was down a total of 35 pounds since the beginning of August.  […]

2 years post Bone Marrow Transplant

It’s hard to believe it has been two years since K’s bone marrow transplant.  In so many ways it feels like a distant memory and in other ways it feels like yesterday.  I’m not sure I ever imagined we could get here.  I mean I hoped, I prayed, I wished but we were out of treatment options for so long […]

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