+98 – The good, the bad and the ugly

web link The last week has been pretty eventful.  Friday Kimbell’s counts were ok.  We met with Dr. Tolar about our upcoming trip home and he answered a lot of our questions which was good.  The one thing I love about Dr. Tolar is he has always been honest with us and has never sugar-coated anything.  He congratulated Kimbell on a successful transplant, and how she has handled herself through all of this but reminded her that she is not out of the woods.  He then proceeded to tell her how important her mask is (thank you!!), how susceptible she is, and how he has had patients care flighted back to MN across the country intubated (life support) and he has lost them.  This may sound harsh but when you consider she wasn’t supposed to make it this far two years ago it kind of puts the last four months in perspective and he is not about to lose her now.

buy Lyrica mexico I have to tell you what K did at clinic on Friday.  Last month we rented Moms Night Out, it has to be the funniest movie we have seen in years and what made it even better is it is a clean, family movie.  Needless to say we bought the movie and I have been telling everyone at the hotel about it.  Anyhow K had her purse with her and as soon as we saw Dr. Tolar in clinic she whips the movie out and says “you have to watch it and return it next week”.  It was so cute.  I think we were all in shock.  He promised K he would make time to watch it with his family and report back to her.  I really hope they liked it!

http://axlogistic.fr/5981-dtf81705-rencontre-avec-cougar.html Saturday and Sunday Kimbell wasn’t feeling well so we hung around the hotel and then were able to go to a private event with Hope Kids at the Children’s Museum. 🙂 Monday armed with sanitizer, masks and gloves we went and rode some rides at Nickelodeon Universe 🙂  That was a blast, thank you again Hope Kids.

Lire la suite Tuesday we went to clinic for labs and they had us wait for results.   It was pretty disappointing.  Her counts have not been this low since before we were discharged post transplant.  Talk about disappointing.  K received GCSF before we left clinic.  They also pulled blood for engraftment studies, interesting since it was supposed to be on Friday.  I exchanged e-mails with Dr. Tolar about the counts last night and with her being 100% donor her marrow should have recovered in a couple of weeks and he is hoping to see her marrow before we see him on Friday.

Today Kimbell had her first bone marrow biopsy since she got her transplant.  They had to intubate her because she is still throwing up so she wasn’t happy about that but seemed ok.  Then the pain hit so she took some oxy and has been asleep since.  Her counts today were again a little lower than yesterday.

Please pray that they figure out why her counts continue to go down, that she can get blood soon – she is hanging out right above the transfusion level and is miserable, and that she feels better.

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