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We continue to be blessed on this trip, seeing many of our friends, them keeping us busy and trying to keep our minds off of the near future.  I am continually amazed at the wonderful generous loving people we have met on this trip, we are so incredibly thankful.

A quick thank you to The Swan Hotel – you guys have been so amazing, Kimbell’s new friends in the gift shop. (thank you for never getting sick of her never-ending pin trading.) You guys are wonderful!  Sheri, Megan, Darth and the Storm Trooper, to the gentleman last night that was kind enough to let Kimbell see the fireworks and the pin!!!!, and all the other complete strangers who have offered prayers!

So…back to the donor… She has not yet cleared and apparently she needs additional testing that will take place on Monday.  UMN is very hopeful that she will still clear and we should have an answer by Wednesday. This has delayed the transplant by at least one week.  If she does not clear then they will proceed with one of the backup donors.  Unfortunately this also means that transplant would most likely be delayed an additional month which is not good.  Please pray that this donor clears and we are only delayed a week.

Thank you all.



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      Hi Kimbell
      Glad you had a fun trip to Disney!! We are thinking of you and hoping the transplant goes really good. You’ll need to be strong, but we’re sure you’ll do it and feel so much better afterwards. Praying for you…….Ginger and Bob

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